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social media agency

How to Choose a Social Media Agency in 2018

For the last four years, I have written an article outlining the essential criteria you should/must consider when choosing a social media agency.   The foundation principles have not changed dramatically from 2014 to 2018. However social media certainly has!   The acquired knowledge gained since starting this agency back in 2013 enables us to […]

Social Media News

Social Media News Review

Instagram shopping, Pinterest’s recent expansion of their shopping ads feature, and Cambridge Analytica. What a week in social media news.   Where to begin? Let’s start with Instagram shopping.   The largest photo sharing platform in the world has now added shopping! This is a significant and material change for consumers and brands alike.   […]

Social Media Advertising

How to Create Social Media Advertising that Works!

How to create social media advertising that works!   Being effective with social media advertising is not as straight forward as most would perceive and or hope. And for any brand that has been using social media advertising for the last 12 to 24 months without a measurable return! They are beginning to understand the […]

how to achieve social media roi

How to achieve social media ROI

How to achieve social media ROI.   In 2013 I started Digital Stand a social media agency on the belief that social media was about to change communications and media forever. I now hold the view if you don’t learn how to achieve social media ROI, it is going to result in the end of […]

social media trends

How social media trends are linked to your companies future

Social media trends are changing every aspect of communication and media. Every single aspect.   Did you know 1 in 7 people in the world wake up every day and access Facebook?   Instagram added 100 million connections in the last four months, bringing the user base to 700 million. Two months quicker than the […]

digital advertising

Adidas go all in on digital advertising

Digital advertising and social media’s tipping point.   Where were you? How could you not see this coming? Why did you miss it? Did you stay informed? Did you read the reports? Did you look at the data? Did you make decisions based on cognitive biases? Or did you let the facts guide you?   […]

Advertising techniques

Advertising techniques that engage the consumer

Advertising techniques that work!   Stop boring the consumer and the world. If you want your advertising to stand out be different! If you want it to work be clear, If you want people to take action, tell them what the benefit is to them.   So at a simple glance, anyone can understand it. […]

creative advertising

Creative advertising is measured by your return

Creative advertising is best defined by the sales it helps you achieve. And no-one defined the merits of creative advertising better than David Ogilvy   “Do you want glowing things that can be framed by copywriters? Or do you want to see the goddamned sales curve stop moving down and start moving up?” ~ DO […]

effective advertising

How to create effective advertising for social media

I realise this is the first time you have seen our ad and our brand. And for that matter, you have never heard about our company before. However, we guarantee if you spend (all) of your money with us, the value you receive will be far greater than the time you spent earning the money. […]

social media advertising

How to choose a social media advertising agency in 2017

A social media advertising agency knows you have as little as 800 milliseconds to engage your audience in 2017. Advertising is undergoing one of the most significant shifts since media was invented.   Every year since founding Digital Stand, a Sydney HQ social media agency. I have produced an article on how to select a […]

generation marketing

How Generation Marketing is Changing

  How generation marketing is changing and the majority of brands are vulnerable to disruption. Not because they have a bad service, bad product, or bad business. Because they simply do not understand which generation they are marketing too.   Now this is not because they don’t know their demographic. It is simply because they […]

Creative Agency

How to Measure a Creative Agency

  A creative agency is measured by three key factors. Creative work is no longer subjective based on design and or based on perception.   Creative agency performance is now intrinsically linked to the story the data tells us. And that story is happening in real time.   There are three key measures we feel are […]

Digital Marketing Agency

How to Select a Great Digital Marketing Agency

  The digital marketing agency will never be the same. The Economist predicts by 2020; that 6.1 billion people will be using a smartphone. 70% of the world’s population.   From a digital marketing agency perspective, if you can not market to the mobile, you are no longer in marketing. If your brand is being […]

Instagram stories

Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories.

  Instagram stories vs. Snapchat. The best story will win, it always does. Instagram has just released Instagram stories, obviously in direct competition to Snapchat.   Stories will appear at the top of your feed in a bar. Identified by a colour ring around either a friend’s profile or an account you follow.   Sentiment […]

social media management

Effective Social Media Management

  Are you looking to outsource social media management? If so when considering agencies in Sydney, you might also want to consider what platforms you should use? And where the gap and or opportunity in the market exists.   If you have seen Mary Meeker’s state of the Internet trends report? You may have identified that a significant […]

Social Media Agency 2016

To be a Social Media Agency in 2016

What does it mean to be a social media agency in 2016? In fact, what does it mean to be a media agency in the age of consumer control? The media agency of the past is facing distinction in the current format.   The old formula of obtaining a client brief, presenting concepts, picking the […]

Television Advertising Costs

Television Advertising Costs and What You Need to Know.

  Television advertising costs have many variables to consider outside of how much it will cost to run a 30-second ad.   Any marketer considering Television advertising costs to promote their business are usually doing so for one of two reasons. You are either trying to increase your trajectory or to find a medium that will […]

social media management

Social Media Management and What You Need to Know

  Social media management is complex in execution and requires an understanding of both the macro and micro aspects of social media.   In this article, I will break social media management down into seven key areas of consideration.  So you aware of what a successful social media management environment looks like. And how to […]

Privacy Policy

How to choose an Advertising Agency

  Looking for an advertising agency in 2016? Here are some things you may wish to consider in advance of your selection.   An effective advertising agency in 2016 is a very different looking entity than the advertising agency of 2005. And the reality is unless you are aware of the seismic shift in consumer […]

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