Instagram shopping, Pinterest’s recent expansion of their shopping ads feature, and Cambridge Analytica. What a week in social media news.


Where to begin? Let’s start with Instagram shopping.


The largest photo sharing platform in the world has now added shopping! This is a significant and material change for consumers and brands alike.


With Instagram reducing latency and friction from the purchase process, brands that execute early stand to have a significant windfall. Initially available on the Shopify platform, this feature will fundamentally transform e-commerce.



Consumers now only have to click on a post and select “Tap to view products” to view pricing details, and then follow the path to purchase.


With 800 million monthly active users on Instagram, 200 million of which joined in the last 12 months, this is a significant milestone in e-commerce and online transactions.


It has been a busy week for Instagram, as they also rolled out two other significant enhancements.


1. The Instagram feed – No you are not going to get a chronological feed! But Instagram announced that they are testing a new feed feature, that will let you manually choose when your feed updates.


This means they will be “making changes to ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear first in the feed.”


2. Are you managing multiple brands across the platform? If so Instagram has this week made it possible to link to hashtags and profiles in the bio of another profile. Simply adding ‘#’ or ‘@’ will enable the viewer to access other connected pages, or industry related hashtags.



How the world of e-commerce is evolving! Pinterest has now made their “Shopping Ads” feature available to hundreds of businesses.


Brands with access can now upload product catalogues and show these products in context. For example, placing a television in a staged living room, enabling consumers to click and follow the path to purchase.



We all know how hard it can be to land the perfect job, or find the ideal candidate! Well, LinkedIn made social media news this week as they rolled out a feature in an effort to make this a little easier for candidate and employer alike.


The “ask for a referral” is simple. If you see a job you like and you have a connection who works there, you simply “ask for a referral.”


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LinkedIn says 50% of hiring managers believe referrals are the best source of new hires, and referred candidates are 4x as likely to be contacted. So, the move has benefits for both sides of the hiring dance.


In other relevant news for LinkedIn, they have are rolling out native video across brand pages. So expect to see far video content on the platform.


If video is not part of your strategy for social, best change your strategy!



In February social media news went haywire as Twitter announced a new update banning simultaneous identical tweets. From March 23 2018 onwards all apps had to comply.


Definitely not a popular move by Twitter, we anticipate the focus is to reduce the content fire hose while lifting the quality.



Cambridge Analytica – What can we say that has not already been said! Is this the first you have heard about this? It involves the firm Cambridge Analytica wrongfully obtaining millions of people’s Facebook data. They then purportedly used this data to influence the 2016 U.S. election and the United Kingdom’s European Union “Brexit” referendum.


Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented an apologetic stance to the public in the face of continued share and PR damages. This included full-page advertisements in various U.S. & British newspapers. Zuckerberg apologised for the breach of trust and implored users to stick with the platform, promising it will never happen again.


Locally “more than 300k Australian Facebook users embroiled in Cambridge Analytica scandal


Other updates
• Facebook has removed the ability to use ‘Interested In’ while targeting ads. Instead, they are recommending you use ‘Relationship Status.’ This should be very helpful in creating social media advertising that works effectively.
• This week Facebook also introduced ‘Tabs for Canvas.’ This feature enables the consumer to easily purchase a product after tapping on the advertisement.


An early user of this feature is Coca Cola, and you can see just how it works below.


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The once loved, and highly popular app made social media news as it took a step forward with its Ad Manager tool this week. Furthering its move into location-based technology with the ‘Foot Traffic Insights’ tool.


The tool allows brands with brick-and-mortar stores to track the in-store traffic of users visiting the specific store. It also provides details on users visiting the store.


Snapchat has indicated the tool is free to use for all brands. Once it moves beyond the beta stage, it will be available to everyone in the Ads Manager platform.


It is of continuing interest to note Snapchat’s quest to reposition as a location-based app. The success of this tool (or otherwise) should play quite a role in whether the platform succeeds in this mission.



Finally, we end this week’s summary of social media news with a look at everyone’s favourite video browser, YouTube. This week YouTube updated its live-streaming capabilities launching ‘Web Browser Live Streams’. The new tool improves desktop live streaming functionality while eliminating previous issues.


YouTube says the new feature makes it possible to go live in a few clicks. This brings brands and creatives ever closer to their followers and makes it easier to broadcast various updates and events.


It’s a big win for YouTube, as it eliminates the need for additional software to enable live desktop streaming. It also greatly improves the user experience and options available to the user when accessing the technology. So, watch out for some of your favourite channels going live more often!

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