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Social Media Advertising

How to Create Social Media Advertising that Works!

How to create social media advertising that works!   Being effective with social media advertising is not as straight forward as most would perceive and or hope. And for any brand that has been using social media advertising for the last 12 to 24 months without a measurable return! They are beginning to understand the […]

social media advertising

How to choose a social media advertising agency in 2017

A social media advertising agency knows you have as little as 800 milliseconds to engage your audience in 2017. Advertising is undergoing one of the most significant shifts since media was invented.   Every year since founding Digital Stand, a Sydney HQ social media agency. I have produced an article on how to select a […]

social media advertising

Social Media Advertising is Changing Advertising

Social media advertising is changing the landscape of advertising and performance metrics for brands. Reducing a brands costs of acquisition, and increasing their performance capabilities, and audience knowledge.   Whether Business to Consumer or Business to Business. The differential between traditional advertising and social media advertising could not greater.   By understanding the difference between […]

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