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How to Choose a Social Media Agency in 2018

For the last four years, I have written an article outlining the essential criteria you should/must consider when choosing a social media agency.   The foundation principles have not changed dramatically from 2014 to 2018. However social media certainly has!   The acquired knowledge gained since starting this agency back in 2013 enables us to […]

Social Media Agency 2016

To be a Social Media Agency in 2016

What does it mean to be a social media agency in 2016? In fact, what does it mean to be a media agency in the age of consumer control? The media agency of the past is facing distinction in the current format.   The old formula of obtaining a client brief, presenting concepts, picking the […]

social media agency

Choosing a Social Media Agency in 2016

  Since 2014, I have been writing a yearly article on how to choose a social media agency. I never check prior posts before writing the next edition. Because every article should align with the last position, but also offer new considerations.   I do not check for two reasons.   1.  If my agency […]

social media agency

Social Media Agency & the Age of Innovation

Direct selling on social media is the new paradigm. Any social media agency worth listening to, not only knows this, but knows how you can execute against these new offerings.   Twitter has just introduced objective based advertising. Facebook has introduced a buy now button partnering with the Shopify e-commerce platform. Instagram and Pinterest are also about to release […]

Sydney Social Media Agency

How to choose a Social Media Agency in 2015?

  Social media continues to evolve and so do the agencies that manage this mainstream media. So in 2015 how do you choose a social media agency?   Now you also might be wondering why I have called social media “mainstream media?” When you have known TV, Radio and Print to fall into these categories […]

Viral Content

The Secret To Viral Content

Here is a question for you. Can you create viral content? Is there a formula? Can a piece of content go viral more than once? Over the last few months, I have given a series of presentations that has looked at this very question. You may just be surprised with the answer.   For those […]

Facebook Marketing

There is Always Another Social Media Platform – Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing – Is it Facebook’s fault that they changed the algorithm and I cannot reach my audience? Is it Google’s fault that they too change their algorithm often and what used to work in search no longer does? Surely these companies are accountable to me and my goal of reaching my target audience? Why? […]

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