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The 5 Most Powerful Advertising Techniques

Looking for advertising techniques that work every time? These 5 techniques are your bulletproof plan to create ads that convert! Read more here.

Advertising Techniques for Brands
Mathew Slavica

Mathew Slavica

Founder, Digital Stand (Sydney), Industry Keynote Speaker. Obsessed with helping our clients grow.

If you are wondering why your advertising techniques are not working, you need to read this.

Stop boring the consumer and the world! If you want your advertising to stand out, be different! If you want it to work, be clear. If you want people to take action, tell them what the benefit is and what action they need to take.

So at a simple glance, anyone can understand it. The simpler they can understand your ad campaigns, the better.

The consumer does not have time to think about your ad or interested in guessing what your ad is about!

Some advertising agencies love to have the consumer think about connecting two themes or discovering the hidden message.

However, by the time they have done this, they inadvertently think this was the purpose of the ad. Case closed, no revenue lift or increase in sales.

There is a significant difference between advertising techniques that work and don't.

Ads that work do so immediately; they have a compelling headline, an image, or both. They take the consumer by surprise and immediately engage their interest.

59% of people will share an article without ever reading more than the headline.

Advertising Techniques

It is worth repeating the majority of your target audience will never read more than the headline before deciding if they will take any action.

And this being the case, do not save your best points for last if you are looking to acquire potential customers.

Conversely, ads that do not work have the consumer try to guess what the ad is about, have confusing headlines, do not include the product or service upfront. And fail to mention the brand enough times.

The average Facebook user is presented with 2,500 images per day. From family to brands, so if you want them to stop and pay attention, you need to be different in the right way.

If you want them to take action, you need to be compelling. The average consumer is exposed to 5,000 ads per day, so how many images of happy families do you think they can see before they start to tune it all out? And often, your advertising campaign is competing with their family images.

Advertising Techniques

Irrespective of if you are doing digital advertising or running a TV commercial, these principles hold.

  • What makes your brand different?
  • How does your product/service benefit the consumer?
  • What is your brand promise?

I have written previously on how our attention spans are reducing. So making the consumer guess about your ad is no longer an option you can afford.

You can also no longer wait to build an audience that is interested in your message. The only safety net you have in a short attention world is using social platforms to build an audience interested in your service or product. By having the right audience, you can benefit from consistent communication and social proof to grow your brand.

Social commerce is here, and now more than ever, you need advertising techniques and advertising methods that work. By work, I mean incrementally increase revenue or lead to a revenue lift. This is critical to the ongoing success of your brand.

Social commerce removes friction and consideration from the purchase process. A parallel would be to think about what the one-click purchase did for Amazon.

And once a consumer has purchased a product with a competing brand, the purchase capability with your brand is limited if not removed altogether.

Intelligent companies remove friction from the sales process, and you most certainly do not want your advertising to cause friction.

As a real-world example, a client we acquired back in early 2019 has achieved a 256% ROI by implementing clear and compelling advertising. They have removed friction from their process, and for the first time in 3 years, they are ahead of the target at the midway point.

This is helping them achieve a revenue line of $100k per week to put this in perspective.

They use advertising techniques that are clear, compelling, have an emotional appeal, and enable through the right call to action. They are also using the right platform for their particular audience (social media). This has provided them with an unfair advantage over their competition.

Unless the competition can see what we are doing and the metrics, they have no idea if it works for us. The beauty, however, lies in the fact that it is, and brilliantly!

Advertising has always been a competitive space. Understanding the mechanics and technical aspects of how it works is paramount to being successful. Advertising techniques that fail to engage the consumer quickly will no longer work.

You have 800 milliseconds to engage in an emotional reaction.

From this point, you have 1 second to convince them intellectually.

And then no more than about 8 seconds to convince them to take action.

So you should treat your copy, and advertising like you have no time to lose because guess what, you don't! Make it stand out fast, and make it memorable in a moment. It does not matter whether this is through digital marketing or a print ad; this holds.

Here are the five key things you must incorporate in your advertising techniques if you want them to work.

Advertising Techniques
  1. Be bold and be clear.
  2. Stand out from whatever platform you use.
  3. Engage emotionally.
  4. Use your consumer's language.
  5. Remove all friction from the journey.

Create advertising that matters; there is no other choice. Use effective advertising techniques that engage the consumer quickly, and make them feel something.

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