The 2021 Facebook Global Trends for Eduction and Action

Looking to understand the global Facebook trends for Education and Action? [Infographic] This is the visual representation of what moved us!

Mathew Slavica

Mathew Slavica

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2020 was the catalyst that drove education from home, whether through remote working or homeschooling, there was a need to use technology to continue our collective advancement.

In many ways, this was also used to move forward causes we cared about — the most active of the year being the (BLM) Black Lives Matter cause.


We see this as a growing trend in 2021, where individuals collectively unite online to drive agendas forward and reach new audiences. Think GameStop, but surely there will be more to come in 2021.

The following Infographic covers education and action in the US, Australia, and Brazil. It highlights both the trend line and demographic, with a small synopsis below.


America and it would seem the rest of the world have discovered the ability to leverage their voice's through the power of social media. Expect to see more of this in 2021 whether it is the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement or GameStop; we will see the rise of a collective voice to champion causes.


Did you know we are a country of readers? Me either! "Three-quarters of Australians read for pleasure in 2019." With women authors, books about "about race and representation" topping the charts!


With the whole world impacted by COVID19, Brazil, interest in remote education drove the conversation in 2020. Teachers are using all forms of multi-media to ensure no-one is left behind.

You can see all of the data below, and if you want to head to the global trends infographic or you can see all the other areas by clicking below.

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