How Facebook's New Video Updates Benefit Your Brand

The latest Facebook video capabilities are a great brand growth opportunity that businesses should be taking full advantage of. Discover how today.

Facebook Video for Business
Mathew Slavica

Mathew Slavica

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Building on the solid foundations established by former updates, Facebook video is staying ahead of the game by adding new video features that will include:

  • Rehearsals via the platform's live API
  • A simulcast option
  • Live video editing
  • Streaming updates
  • Instagram
  • IGTV features on Creator Studio
  • New Distribution metrics, and more

These Facebook video improvements have the potential to make a dramatic difference in the way users implement the growth of their businesses. Allow us to share some of the new features that you can utilise boost business growth.

Rehearsals via the Platform's Live API

Live video producers have been asking for a rehearsal option for a while. Now Facebook has created an option that allows publishers to broadcast their Live Facebook videos to Page administrators and editors before they share them with their substantial audiences.

Rehearsals will allow an option for publishers to broadcast their Live Facebook video to Page administrators and editors only so they can test their ideas before sharing them to a larger audience.

Creators are pumped about now having the ability to make the best use of this new addition, also available on Live API.

Additionally, Facebook is offering a new "Trimming" option to the tool that allows publishers to remove the beginning and end parts of a Live broadcast replay. Social Media Today explains:

"Publishers often start a Live stream before the action begins, and this "stand by" slate can make the critical first seconds of the recorded video less engaging. With the trimming feature, publishers can specify exactly when they want the action to begin, or cut off the last few seconds of the broadcast as desired."

Although the current limit on the Live videos broadcasting from API is 4 hours, Facebook is lengthening that time to 8 hours, which will cover most full events.

Simulcast Option

This feature allows Live video publishers to:

"broadcast simultaneously to more than one online streaming service" via the Live API, which could make it easier to share your content to a larger audience."

It has also added Live to Facebook Lite (a faster experience for Android phones) to include a new user group.

Users can select streaming end-points and provide streaming keys. It also allows you to embed our HTML5 player (without needing Flash), customized to your brand, as a way to control your viewers' experience or as a backup scenario if social media delivery fails.

Live Facebook Video Editing

1. Go live.

2. Click down arrow at the top of the post, and click on "Edit Post."

You will arrive at the Edit Post page.

3. Write a compelling and explanatory preface to your video.

4. Create a title for your video.

5. Create video tags to tell viewers your video's purpose.

6. Advanced options include:

  • Captions
  • Uploading SRT file
  • Crossposting to cross-promote on other pages, and more
  • Create thumbnail pictures for the slides in your video by using Canva, PicMonkey, Stencil, or others

Videos get three times the engagement of traditional videos and millions of users live stream on Facebook globally. Marketers are loving it because it is fun, easy-to-use, and builds relationships with followers, in real-time.

Facebook Video Streaming Updates

The persistent option (the persistent stream key) lets production teams know the stream key tied to an account in advance. This action means the teams will not have to worry about coordinating this step in the Facebook video process, in case of errors.

If a user goes live on a regular basis, he or she will only need to send one stream key to production teams. This aid will make it easier to collaborate with other teams and locations when live productions are taking place. Additionally, broadcasters can use the same stream key each time they begin a new Live Video, saving plenty of time.

IGTV Features on Creator Studio

Facebook's Creator Studio lets businesses schedule their Instagram posts, and IGTV broadcasts, up to six months in advance. The most significant change is that Facebook made this available to first-party services. This move allows businesses to add multiple images to a post.

Facebook has a guide that can be viewed on Facebook's Creator website. Users will find all the tools needed to post, manage, monetize, and measure content on all their Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. Your business will be able to publish like a professional marketer.

Watch Party

This component allows users to watch videos at the same time with other users in Groups. Watch Party includes:

  • Threaded comments for conversations
  • The scheduling of a Watch Party
  • Live commentating
  • Increased social interactions

Facebook aims for additions to its platform like Watch Party to encourage the "creating experiences" idea, positive interactions, and a healthier form of social networking.

With Watch Party, you will be able to:

  • Optimize your old and new videos
  • Host a Watch Party using your upline's video
  • Facebook will notify your friends about the party
  • Any comments made will belong to you
  • When you answer comments you will get an additional push

New Distribution Metrics

Users have new video metrics introduced in Page Insights and Video Libray. The idea is to assist publishers in understanding, on a higher level, who is watching your videos. This move will offer publishers actionable data to help create videos that build stronger relationships between viewers, new audiences, and companies. Distribution metrics will enhance:

  • Audience demographics (age, gender, geographic locations)
  • Viewer engagement with live video
  • Video viewing from shares and crossposting
  • Actions distribution
  • Frequency
  • Clicks overview
  • Number of social clicks
  • Cost-per-action, and much more

And you will be able to see how your advertisements compare with competitors' ads being shown to the same audience. You can expect to see more detailed data concerning your ads and how they're performing. You will find that your marketing strategy can be easily refined.

Digital Stand

Digital Stand aims to assist businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest additions, subtractions, and new features on Facebook. Our reputation and experience can help you stay on top of quickly-changing trends. Our expertise can give you the information you need to make informed decisions concerning your marketing program.

At Digital Stand we can provide expert support and guidance to brands whose goal is growing digitally. If brand growth is your goal, Digital Stand is your marketing go-to. Contact us today for more information.

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