How to Use Instagram Story Stickers to Grow Your Brand

Want more sales, a more engaged Instagram following and a secret weapon your competitors can not compete against? Step this way 🥾

Instagram Story Stickers
Mathew Slavica

Mathew Slavica

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Instagram Story Stickers are your secret weapon to more sales.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With over one billion monthly users worldwide. It is also an excellent platform to grow your brand, thanks to its many marketing tools.

Brands can overlook Instagram Story Stickers, but they are a powerful tool.

Here are four expert tips on how to make the best use of Instagram Stickers

Use them to Get Discovered.

Instagram Story Stickers have a base of 500,000 users, and it is growing at an accelerated rate. Stickers, including location, countdown, and hashtags, are excellent ways to get noticed.

The location sticker is especially helpful for local marketing. The sticker and attached story will pop up in users' feeds whenever they search for that location. The hashtag sticker serves the same purpose but in a different way. Any of your stories featuring a particular hashtag will appear in users' feeds when they search that hashtag. You can use multiple hashtags in one story, and they do not need to be prominent. This, in turn, will make your stories reach further increase brand exposure.

Countdown stickers are also helpful for building hype and driving urgency. They are especially useful for driving timed promotions, launches and advertising. These stickers also collect data on individual participants. This means that you can monitor how many people are interested in promotion.

Engage Your Audience

Stickers make it possible for your audience to interact with your stories and adverts to a greater degree than ordinary posts. We recommend four stickers for this purpose: polls, questions, GIFs, and emoji sliders.

Polls help build customer engagement by getting them to participate in a subject. They can also be leveraged to get your audience to create and drive your stories by voting for what they want to see next.

Questions work in a similar one, but they prompt users to share more and offer their honest opinions. While GIFs and emoji sliders make your posts more fun and attract more active attention to your stories.

Nurture Trust & Loyalty

One of the main reasons behind Instagram story stickers' wild popularity is their ability to bring IG users even closer together.

Stickers like mention stickers encourage conversation and engagement. Conversations are a meaningful way of driving deep audience connections.

Building robust communities using IG story stickers is a great way to win your audience's trust and loyalty.

Convert More Leads

Attracting and converting more leads is the goal of every business. You will reach more people by using IG story stickers, and in turn more customer. Additionally, your stories will be more attractive and engaging. This means that people will spend more time consuming your content.

And an engaged audience is more likely to buy your product or service.

Make More Sales

Since May of 2020, you have also been able to create Instagram Gift Cards or Food Orders. You add the appropriate sticker to the photo you have selected and add this to your story. Your audience or anyone who discovers your brand will be able to either buy a gift card, or order food.

Simple, easy, and very effective.

This can be further supplemented by using the new call to actions in your profile. With the CTA's being used the same way. And when someone visits your profile, they are presented with the same options.

Creativity is the Key

Instagram's stories are a powerful tool to drive engagement. Their efficacy for businesses depends on your Instagram marketing campaign's creativity.

It does not matter whether you use a poll sticker, branded hashtag, music sticker, quiz sticker or donation sticker. Your goal is engagement, audience growth, and revenue lift.

If you are interested in understanding how you can grow your brand with Instagram, get in touch.

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