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How to Create the Perfect Instagram Business Profile

With over 1 billion monthly users, if you run a business no matter the size you need an Instagram Business Profile. You also need to set it up correctly

Mathew Slavica
Mathew Slavica

Nov 20, 2021

If you run a business no matter the size you need and Instagram business profile. You also need to set it up correctly.

Instagram has become a critical social media platform for B2C and B2B businesses. Understanding how to set your business profile up the right way is crucial in 2020.

With 854 million users, Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms for marketing your business.

An exceptional communication strategy requires a high level of creativity to appeal to your target audience.

However, most businesses believe that creating an Instagram profile is about entering a few personal details and a profile picture. A poorly designed Instagram profile may be detrimental to the growth of your business.

This article offers insight into how you can create an exceptional Instagram business profile. It also is a guide when considering the difference between a personal profile or Instagram business account.

1.Public vs private profile

Setting up your Instagram business to private is likely to deny you an opportunity to reach more prospects via the platform. This is because potential customers who intend to get more details about your business will not be able to see your content.

To set up your Instagram account to the public, turn off the private option in your settings.

2.Source for a searchable Instagram username

Remember, this is a business profile. Search for a username closely linked to your business. This will enable your prospects to come across your profile every time they search for your business. In cases where someone is using your business name, get a name closely related to yours.

This is ideal in ensuring everyone else can have access to your business whenever they search online.

Let's say that your ideal business name is not available, and we will use Digital Stand as an example. Because we were early to the platform, we were able to secure @digitalstand. However, lets for the point of the example say we were late to the game, and the handle was not available as was the case for Twitter for us.

In this instance, we want to be linked to our business, and also let deciding on following us that they are connected to the right company.

So in this instance, we would choose @digitalstand_au, allowing followers to see that this Digital Stand is based in Australia. Localizing the handle to ensure clarity and the right connection to our followers.

Being creative and choosing a name that has no semblance to your business is well, not smart!

3.Easy to search business name

Ensure you include the business name next to your name section of your Instagram profile. The name will eventually appear on the user name and profile picture.

To get a clue about how to edit your business name, go to edit profile, then enter your preferred business name.

This works in alignment with point 2. Although the benefit is, you can use your exact name in this instance, and Instagram users will know they have found the right business.

4.Profile picture

Maintaining consistent brand visibility across various platforms is essential for your brand. The brand image used on the Instagram profile should be the same photo appearing across all your social media platforms. So that everyone can easily recognize it is your business.

To edit your Instagram business photo, click edit page on your profile. You can either edit or upload photos from other social media platforms.

5. Prepare an actionable bio

The description of your business is critical in showcasing your services to potential prospects. Anyone visiting your Instagram business page should understand what your business offers at a glance.

Be straight to the point and precise so that your target audience can easily understand your business.

Additionally, you can add a link to your website on your bio so that prospects scrolling through your Instagram page can visit your website. This is also ideal in improving website traffic.

For relevant business either in the e-commerce space or food delivery, there is now an option to set up a call to actions under business profile. As the example below shows.

6. Ensure you enable notifications

Enabling notifications is essential to enhance engagement. You will easily see and respond to comments and actions on your Instagram page.

To activate notifications, select push notifications button on the settings section of your profile.

7. High-resolution photos

Ensure you have high-resolution pictures on your business profile. In most cases, users scroll through attractive photos on profiles before proceeding to check other details.

8. Add Value

The fastest way to build your Instagram following is to add value to the community. What is it you do that can inform, educate, and lead a conversation. If you write blog posts as a business, you should add the link in the bio, and post photo or video-based content related to the article.

This, of course, will drive traffic to your articles, and potentially new customers.

9. Business VS Personal Accounts

With a business Instagram profile, you have a lot more features. You can connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business page and cross-post content. You will have access to Instagram Insights and be able to run Instagram ads/promoted posts from the Instagram app.

With Instagram Insights, you will understand more about your audience, the content they engage with, the best time to post, and demographic data.

You will be able to access the full capability of Instagram marketing.


Since 2013 we have led the way in helping brands to social media into revenue. In 2022 there has never been a more critical time to be effective online.

Want to grow your business? You can contact us here or click the image below for a no-obligation conversation.

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Mathew Slavica

Founder, Digital Stand (Sydney), Industry Keynote Speaker. Obsessed with helping our clients grow.


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