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How YouTube Direct Response Ads Will Drive Sales

Recently, YouTube added a new feature that's going to revolutionise the way businesses use marketing videos. Because they just became direct response ads.

Mathew Slavica
Mathew Slavica

Nov 11, 2021

No doubt you've been astounded at how many people use YouTube each year. I continue being amazed at statistics showing YouTube continuing to enjoy over a billion video views every day. They also continue to innovate so they stay competitive with their social media competitors like Instagram.

In mid-2018, YouTube added a new feature that's going to revolutionise the way businesses use marketing videos there. They already offer a video ad feature allowing for storytelling in marketing form. Now with the ability to book tickets, vacations and more from links embedded in videos, you'll create a new form of viewer interactivity.

Creating More Actionable Video Ads

Statistics still show viewers want more interactive elements when watching videos. It's all part of the new trend toward consumers wanting unique experiences when going through the sales funnel (now a flywheel).

The point of YouTube's new feature is to place links within a video so someone can take immediate action from the related content.

Otherwise known as extensions, these links and informative pop-ups enhance the information you're providing. It adds a new layer to the storytelling element to maintain engagement rather than boring a viewer to move on.

Facebook already offers location and form extensions to help enhance video presentations. During live-streaming video ads, having immediate data about your location (and offering forms to obtain personal information) keeps viewers engaged every minute.

TruView for Reach and TruView for Action

When Google added their TruView for Reach feature to YouTube videos, it opened a whole new dimension to how marketers interact with viewers. These features help build more awareness of your brand, change perceptions of your company, and inspire people to take action.

The TruView for Reach feature helped join the existing TruView for Action, allowing companies to add low-funnel actions any viewer can take.

Which of these newer features could help bring more recognition to your brand in the coming year? Many of the options have endless creative possibilities.

Book Tickets Instantly

Perhaps you run a travel agency here in Australia that you need to create video ads to stay competitive. Using YouTube's new extensions, you can embed a link directly in the video to allow a viewer to book tickets while watching the video.

If your video is compelling enough, someone may book tickets for a getaway before you even mention a call to action. Interactions like this completely reinvent how you've probably thought about actions from viewers. It also helps add to your metrics that are so important in determining viewer activity.

Of course, booking tickets is just the beginning of what you could do. More substantial actions can take place while someone watches your video ad.

Booking Vacations

Travel agencies have a lot of benefits to YouTube's video ad extensions. Along with booking tickets, they could also book complete vacations while they watch your presentation.

It's easy to keep two windows open while watching videos (at least on a desktop). Imagine prospective clients planning their entire vacation itinerary while they watch your video.

This type of feature extends to more than travel. Just about any industry that can benefit from an online purchase by a viewer will find these extensions very exciting.

Checking Movie Showtimes and More

For the movie theatre industry, the above extensions provide ample opportunity for viewers to check movie showtimes instantly if promoting upcoming films.

The interactive aspects are limitless, sometimes letting a viewer take more than one action while still assimilating information from your video.

Other actions can take place as well like purchasing a product or even downloading an app.

It's time to think about how this can help your brand. Remember, you'll also have access to real-time metrics to know how successful these interactions are in creating a loyal customer.

Contact us at Digital Stand to help you find innovative ways to use social media for brand awareness.

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Mathew Slavica

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