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Digital Stand is a Sydney Social Media Agency that has now Created Viral Content and 15 Top 1% Ads on Facebook & 5 Top 1% Ads on Instagram in 2015 We are a full-service Sydney social media agency dedicated to helping your brand leverage social media. We are driven fundamentally by providing you with an unfair advantage over your competition. We understand how to amplify social media advertising to target your competition, and how to leverage social media architecture for your benefit.
Facebook now has
1 Billion People
1 billion unique
Instagram is the
52% of online
More than half of
1.53 billion monthly active users
active daily on Facebook
users visit YouTube each month
worlds fastest growing
adults now use 2 or more
online adults 65 years and
and a
890 million daily active users

Were on Facebook on the same day.
watching over 6 billion hours of video

social media platform

social media platforms

older now use Facebook.
Technology has always been the best amplifier of a business. The ability to grow your business today is not linear in the sense of how marketing worked in the past. Social media marketing scales in an unprecedented way. Uber, Slack, Airbnb all understand this. Your story and brand deserve the same advantages.

As a Sydney social media agency, we achieved this in Financial Services, Media, Entertainment and Retail.

Old World Values We are in an unprecedented period in world’s history with the digital age; we are able to engage with a global audience in more profound ways and at scale. The values of communication are the same as they’ve always been. The fundamental change is to distribution and access. You can now reach your exact audience, anytime, anywhere.
New Digital Age Building a business has always been delivering value, communication, innovation and leading your customers, community and industry to a better outcome. Social media marketing has not changed this; it simply allows us to engage our audience more effectively and efficiently at scale and grow your business exponentially. As a Sydney social media agency, we love building global and local businesses.
Social Media Advertising
In 2015, and 2014 We Achieved 15 Campaigns in the Top 1% of All Australian Facebook Campaings. We Would Love to do this For You.
Social Media Community Management
Including Content Creation, Responding to Clients, Publishing, Distribution, and Strategy
Digital Stand create innovative solutions for clients across industry verticals. We believe that the ability to execute effectively is intrinsically linked to defined goals, preparation, and then execution.
Connecting Your Social Media Architecture
Reviewing Your Social Media Properties, Strategies, and Audience Engagement.
Campaign Launches, Management, and Amplification
Identifying Leverage Points within the Social Platforms that Amplify Your Message and Exceed Your Outcome Objectives
Content Management & Creation
Creating Relevant Native Content for the Social Media Channels of Choice, Driving Brand Engagement.
First Mover Advantages
Identifying Social Media Platforms and Technologies that Offer First Mover Advantages to Brands.
Your Audience is Waiting We are driven by our desire to create great and compelling work, and fuelled by our belief in possibility, people and causes. Say Hello Say Hello